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The Avatar Review (
Born Magazine (
The Cortland Review (
The Kenyon Review (
The Mad Hatter's Review (
Umbrella: A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose (

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Babilu English Forum (
Tin Roof Alley Poets (
Web Del Sol ( P
Wild Poetry Forum ( W
The Writers Block ( W

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Beau Blue's Blog (
Jake Berry's Blog (
Books Inq., The Epilogue (
Clattery MacHinery on Poetry (
Rocket Kids - Rachel Dacus (
Quantum Tantra - Nick Herbert (
Lyn Lifshin (
Morton Marcus (
Moving Poems (
Poetry L.A. (
Sarah Sloat (
Robert Sward (
When Falls the Coliseum (
Al Young, Poet Laureate of California, emeritus (
ZeroCity Archive (

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