My name is JJ Webb, the publisher of Blue's Cruzio Cafe. This page is here to welcome you, thank you for taking time to visit our publication, and to tell you a tiny bit about our enterprise.

The Cafe is the extension of an animated, spoken word broadside I produced over a twenty month period from June, 2002 to February, 2004. During that time the poets and technical people who helped me decided that animated poetry was a viable and fun way of presenting contemporary poetry. The Cafe began operation in March 2004 and our first issue was released in June of that year. We presented 20-25 animated poetry videos per year on an irregular schedule over the next four years. During that time our contributing editors and consultants included David Alpaugh, Tony Barnstone, and Robert Sward. These men continue as our editors but, since 2009, we've slowed our production rate to only 12-15 videos a year.

Our mission is to entertain an audience. We believe the best way to do that is to present poetry that gets up off the page. We present poets who believe the best poetry is written to be spoken, out loud and by individuals having fun.

If you would like to appear in the cafe please email poetry text with mp3 attachments, no more than 120 second run time per poem, to beaublue@animatedpoets.com

                                             -JJ Webb