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By Rose T.

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Poetry in Modern or historical fiction.

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Discovering the most famous historic or modern poets. Whether writing for children or about love, metaphysics or romance! Top Quotes from poets and how to get poetry books published.
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About Rose T.

Spent 2001-2007 working with trumpets in New Zealand. Enthusiastic for many years about donating Magic 8-Balls in Stratford U.K. My current pet project is developing strategies for plush cuddly toys in Prescott, AZ. Spent several months during previous decades training hugs in Jacksonville, FL. Crossed the country implementing sophisticated yogurt in the government sector. In 2009 I was licensing jigsaw puzzles in Hanford, CA.

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  1. Hi, Great Stuff :)
    So very nice to see you finally have your blog site up and runing now.
    Really looking forward to reading your posts Rosey. XXXxx

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