Like trains into tunnels

Yeah I saw the whole thing,
that knife slid into him
like he was loose dirt.
Naw I dunno, just a knife.
I dunno, long enough I guess.

They was having
some kinda bitch about somethin
over there by the pinball machine.
He called her a damn whore, I
remember that real clear,

and she yeah she
stuck him good, like he was a shoulda seen
his face pop, like one second
he was in it and the next

he was gone.
Seemed like he deserved it though:
like he'd been top dog for so long
she didn't have no way out but to cut him;
and he was so tough and

shitty grinning, and then
gaffed like a fish,
and I ain't surprised he's dead.
Knife slid right easy
through that silk shirt,

right between the ribs so perfect,
the old tongue into the slot,
and he was just so much
meat and she was gone.
I dunno she was...

well kinda average lookin...
about so tall, brown hair, that's all.
I never seen them before.
Hey, honest, but
he sure bought it fast,

it coulda been worse for him;
she knew what she was doin,
you can tell.
Yeah I saw the whole thing. Like he was
loose dirt and been turned over.

No I didn't see her face;
I'da liked that but
I was watchin his at least.
You know even when you covered him up
he still looked surprised.

Published in: Slipstream #14
© 1994, Niagara Falls, NY.

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