what goes up inside

what goes up inside it seems
is more than comes out
as when eating

if what we invest in things
is greater than our return
we must learn to choose
wiser investments
or simply stuff
the mattress
and wait

if our reach and our grasp
fail to snare that golden
ring we must decide if
leaning further is
worth falling off
and breaking
we need

if god speaks to us in dreams
we must listen closely not
only for the message but
for clues as to exactly
which god may be
speaking to us
this time

and if what goes up inside
turns out to be pleasing we
must remember whom
to thank and when or
risk hanging out
more than we
can lose

our dreams are not chump change
but neither are they fortunes
we must learn to spend them
wisely save for rainy days
when we need what we
have not to replace
what goes up


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley