a phone call

she says sometimes at night
she touches herself and when
she comes she says my name
and I say I know just 
the way you touch yourself 
I think you use both 
hands and she says yes 
I say you use the left to spread
the lips apart pull up the hood
and she says yes and then
you stroke lightly in a
circle that ever
slowly tightens and she
says yes yes and use more
pressure now then less
yes more now and follow
the slow rotation of your hips 
the arc of your back the
push the roll the tiny
quakes that bend the 
necks of flowers as petals
fall your fluttering
hand like a startled bird
that lands and begins
again and she says yes
yes yes and you can feel
me there as this is what
I would do for you 
right now if I were there
what I do for you right 
now though with my 
tongue and you can 
feel the soft the rough
the wet the need now 
say my name and yes
she says my name
and yes
my name again
and god's name
and yes


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley