oil of old lady

she ain't an old lady
but she's got some on
the shelf above the toilet

it smells familiar
but not like her
guess I do know quite a few

old ladies these days though
women I used to think of
as grandmas

look pretty good to me now
the ones the age my friends'
mothers were in high school

look great to me
but some of those
did back then anyway

one nice thing about
getting older is that it
broadens your perspectives

in bed in the dark you can
still find the youth
in yourself and others

I figure one I slept with
back in the early 80s
must be nearly 70 now

wonder if she remembers the
kid poet who ate her baked
chicken with such a grin

the oil of old lady
is nice stuff
I rub some on my dick

yeah, this stuff is great
make it nice and soft
no wait


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley