master of the sensitive remark

I have train tracks
all over my body she tells me
as if this were some deep secret
some dreadfully painful admission
as she sits in my truck
long hair flowing like the Jordan
eyes bright and dim all at once

it is so difficult for
the truly beautiful to accept
anything short of perfection
the dissolution and decay
that is existence even for the rocks

and I attempt to communicate this
with facial expressions and
body language but my acting
abilities have dissolved
and she is watching a point
somewhere over my shoulder
in a distant galaxy where light
has taken her youth

so I say what I can
to make things right
to let her know I understand
but all that comes out is
wooooo wooooooo
choo choo choo choo
huffa puffa huffa puffa


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley