where's that grateful dead tape

I was saving
the bacon grease
not sure for what
in a jar on the stove
and of course it was
after cooking rather
than before that I
knocked it over so it
was already melted
and ran all over
and I cursed at it and
wiped it up which was
easier than I expected
or so it seemed
at the time but later
I was boiling some water
on the back burner
and there's all this popping
and fire shoots up around
the tea kettle flames
2 feet high and I say
shit and grab the kettle
luckily with the oven mitt
but being at least a partial
dumbass I pour it
onto the flames which any
kid could tell you makes
a grease fire worse but there
was no kid around
and quite a few
years since my last lecture
from officer friendly
and the flames are huge
making that roaring sound and
I think how it's a damn good thing
I unplugged the smoke
alarms or I'd have a splitting
headache by now and I
turn on the vent hood and
the flames leap even higher
now I have a column
of fire that  blazes up
from the electric burner
and into the vent hood
three feet above so
I turn out the lights
and put on some music
and by the time it's over
I can still see this
pillar of fire with my
eyes closed which is
somewhat psychedelic but
by now I'm getting hungry so
I fry up some bacon


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley