all it takes is a credit card to get in.  
possession of a credit card has been  
legally recognized as proof of age  
or so say 10,000 porno sites. ... a weekly news source  
with the stories, photos, videos and  
sound clips no media outlet has  
ever given you. stuff that makes  
"Cops: Too Hot For TV"  
look like Barney & Friends.  

murder video. true torture. real rape.  
amazing deaths. highway highlights.  
all the things the networks cut away from,  
or pretend not to witness.  
the pictures you don't want anyone  
to know you want to see.  

high-tech voyeurism. real drug stories.  
hookercam. cannes cam.  
sex club live cam.  
bomb video. real shootouts.  
morgue watch. live executions.  
only $9 a month...  
your first 2 weeks free.  

enough special reading material  
to keep you busy all week long.  
chapters from the anarchist's handbook.  
the secrets of the secret societies.  
the whistleblowers' page.  
revenge weekly.  
crack the casinos.  
the how-to request line.  
experts on insurance fraud.  
make your own drugs.  
hell's chatroom.  

and lots to watch, always.  
live anything. live everything.  
follow the politicians.  
bank robbery of the week.  
stalk the stars.  
newlywed stakeout.  
better than real video  
updated as it happens.  

all brought to you from  
our massive internet server  
somewhere in Russia.  
or maybe it's on a ship in the  
south pacific. or a small island,  
owned by our wonderful  
venture capitalist friends.  
it doesn't matter where we are  
since we're everywhere.  
direct satellite feed.  

we have here an  
unregulated resource  
like real estate, forests,  
the ocean, the air,  
we must put it to its highest  
and best use  
while we can. go look it up.  
there's nothing there. just yet.  

© 1999 by
michael mcneilley