he dreams of birds

he dreams she is just 
here with him doing such
common things washing
dishes reading writing
and birds float above her
birds like wind
in her hair

in her dreams she calls him
unbroken one
though she knows better
she says she dreams of
brushing his hair
and that in sleep
he takes her headache
away with his hands

and he knows that
somewhere deep inside
she has to feel how 
wrong this is
that the magic was real
that they always did
belong together

and he knows
she never knew 
never thought she could
ever hurt someone
by falling in love
and the love was easy
but the love was 
too real

and in dreams and in
parking lots and trees
and on the
hood of her car
birds are everywhere
and because it is 
still spring they 


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley