middle schools are run by assholes

my kid wants to know what
is the deal with middle school
is it just him or are they all
crazy is this really what
the world is like
and I can't tell him
he has too many of my
fucked attitudes already
but if I did

I'd say most of the guys are
nutless wonders who had their
butts kicked all over the place
when they were kids
looking for small versions of
themselves to make into
a teacher's pet

the women all cow college grads
most of them too ugly to find
a hubby at East Texas State Teachers College
(known in those parts as Easy T)
which is why they really went there
in the first place
bitter about that and all else
hating the girls cause they're pretty
hating the boys cause they'll
grow up to be men

worst of all are the administrators
they say those who can't do teach
but those who can't teach

on the bottom of the sh!theap is
the vice principal
a smarmy little bicycle seat sniffing
sadist addicted to running bargain
basement power trips on kids who have
more fun than he ever did
hoping to catch them kissing or worse
I never met one yet that could
look you in the eye

but I'd never say something like this
this would be like pigeonholing
stereotyping limiting degrading
easy answer horsecrap
which I will leave to the
qualified professional
school psychologists


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley