3 things

"Think of three things you can
do without asking permission,
obtaining a license or permit,
paying a tax." - Jazzbo Koontz

jerk off
talk to myself
rob a bank

curse fate
fall in love

fall out of love
spend all my money
and live out the month on beans

take a bath
not take a bath
fall down in the shower and

bust my ass
make beach UFOs out of
sterno, plastic bags and string

not buy a yuppie car
not get a haircut
not answer the phone

watch tv in a cloud of
beerfarts scratching my
back with the remote

roll around in a wheelchair
and pretend to be

put little stickers on those
bathroom hand dryers that say
"press here for a message

from the president"
write shithouse poems above
the toilet paper dispenser

sit in the bus station restaurant
and look crazy until some guy
walks off an leaves his hamburger

write your name
in smoke on the wall
in this dark room

pull on all the
newspaper machines until I get
a free one

forget the past ignore the
future and live in the
eternal fucked-up moment

watch a guy out my window
think dark thoughts at him and
see if he falls down

make up deathless literature
in my sleep and forget it
when my eyes open

hold your disappointment
in my hand like
a broken sparrow

put on this sneaker
made in a vietnamese sweatshop
and go downtown

fail to repent
write this poem


© 1999 by
michael mcneilley