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Situational Reallty
by Michael McNeilley
Michael McNeilley was Founding Director of the National Student News Service; worked as a reporter and correspondent in Washington, DC; and has published hundreds of poems and stories in magazines such as New York Quarterly, New Delta Review, Poet, Chicago Review, Oyster Boy Review, Cross-Connect, Sonoma Mandala, Hyphen, Minotaur, Slipstream, Cafe Review, Pink Cadillac, Chiron Review, Poetry Motel, Plazm, DAM, Lilliput Review, Boulliabaisse, Writers' Forum, Green Fuse, Rockford Review, Mississippi Review, God's Bar Unplugged, Impetus, Tight, xib, Penny Dreadful, Exquisite Corpse, Atom Mind and elsewhere, including websites worldwide. He was co-editor of Zero City, with JJ Webb, in the '90s. 

McNeilley wrote these poems in an old house in Olympia, WA, with a large cherrytree stump in the backyard where the spirit of his dead brother sits on clear nights, the ghost of a baby possum on his shoulder, and paints moonlight on clouds high across the Sound.

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