Creative writing tips And How to Write Great Poetry

Poetic Creative writing is considered as one of the best ways to bring out the emotions in you. It widens your thinking and imagination. creative thinking can help you succeed in certain aspects of life which include problem solving and critical thinking.

The good thing about creative writing is that it only requires one to have some basic education, which means that it can be pursued by everyone. Some people have even made it a hobby. whereby they use it as a means of communicating their thoughts and ideas. You never know, you might just be the next prolific writer.

Creative Writing And Poetry

One form of creative writing is poetry, which is the emotions, feelings and inner thoughts of a person being expressed. Through poems, authors are able to gesture their feelings imaginatively. Poems are perceived differently by different people, this is because poems speak to us. They are combined words and sounds arranged rhythmically to bring out a meaning. This is why it is very common to find situations whereby a reader has interpreted a poem differently to the authors intended interpretation.

Top Poets who have been published know about Writing great Poetry

Many Great Authors have Published Creative Poetry

There are hard to understand poems like “John Keats romantic poems” and “Shakespeare’s Sonnets”. Poets tend to bring out their inner-self in a calming manner thus touching the reader on a personal level. It relaxes the senses, the soul enjoys and the mind is calmed. Therefore poetry is considered to be valuable to the author and pleasing to the mind.

Writing Tips For Authors

If you consider becoming a good creative writer then there are a number of tips that you should follow to push your writing skills to the next level.

First you need to take your readers to a new world. Creative writing is all about creating a fantasy world for your readers. The words you use should be able to make the reader feel as if they are a part of what you as the author is talking about.

Another thing you should consider doing is coming up with characters who are real. Characters who the readers are familiar with, which means that as the author you should fully understand your audience.

Creativity Is The Key To Great Writing

Your piece of writing should be comprehensive, simple and easy to understand. It is not advisable to use big concepts and if you must then make sure you break it down to bits that can easily be understood by your audience. This also means that you have to be focused on the topic, avoid adding irrelevant details to the main theme of your piece of writing.

Finally, another important aspect of creative writing is simplicity, minding your audience. You should stick to using simple English words that can be understood by everyone.

In conclusion, it can be said that both poetry and creative writing involves imaginative power, creativity and inspiration. good creative writers should have a great command over the language they use and should also be sound thinkers.

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